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Men in two vehicles, a white Prado and black Toyota double-cabin last night pounced on and arrested blogger Shadrach Kiprono aka Shad Khalifa.

The incident occurred late last night on an open street in South B area of Nairobi and was captured on CCTV footage.

Reports circulating online suggest that the black double-cab pickup and white Toyota Prado (possibly with fake license plates) were seen trailing popular social media user Shad Khalif before he was forcibly abducted in South B, Nairobi on Sunday evening by men suspected to be plainclothes detectives.

Khalifa is presumably seen by the regime to be a leader in the #RejectFinanceBill2024 protests due to his prominent role.


Key players on internet spaces have been put on high alert since the government extended an olive branch last night to have a sit-down talk, a tactic that is meant to draw out pointmen in the Gen Z movement.

Kenya has become a focal point by the international media as the government caught left-footed tries to grapple with the new phenomenon.

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