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Major towns in Kenya are poised for police versus civilian confrontations as the Generation Z protestors express their determination in opposing the Finance Bill 2024 with a new series of demonstrations planned for the entire week.

According to a program released by the protestors, today marks another attempt to occupy parliament in Nairobi while other towns in Kenya will continue with protests in a show of solidarity.

Reports indicate that various arms of police have mounted a crackdown targeting the most active influencers aligned to the movement. By Monday three youth were arrested by abduction with police masquerading in civilian clothes.

On Sunday night State House Nairobi issued a statement showing willingness to have a conversation with the youth. The following day Government agencies begun the arbitrary arrests showing there was no goodwill in the State House statement.

Due to mounting tension all day-schools in Kenya have been forced to start the midterm break on Tuesday rather than wait for the planned date which was Wednesday.


The protests that largely began by outcries from Gen Z on TikTok have escalated to widespread street demonstrations. They have also infiltrated social spaces such as nightclubs and churches.

The week dubbed “seven days of rage” is poised to see unprecedented activity since the protest begun, as efforts on X Spaces daily pay off by building a massive online movement.

Below is a Day-by-Day Protest calendar for this week.

Monday: A “courtesy call” to MPs who supported the Bill, urging constituents to boycott businesses affiliated with them and to collect signatures for their recall.

Tuesday: The second #OccupyParliament protest, with a warning of a ‘Total Shutdown’ of the country through a nationwide strike. “Gen Zs are granting all hard-working Kenyans a day off. Parents, keep your children at home in solidarity,” states the notice.

Wednesday: A call to action demanding justice for Rex’s death. Protesters are expected to visit the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) offices and the Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome.

Thursday: The climax of the protests, where Gen Zs plan to block main roads leading to Nairobi and march to State House under the slogan #OccupyStateHouse. This is the day President William Ruto is expected to sign the Finance Bill into law. Gen Zs declare they will be there to “witness Ruto sign our lives into slavery.”

Meanwhile, Kenyan youth in diaspora are standing in solidarity with their peers at home as the Finance Bill 2024 rejection protests spread to the US and UK.

Already there’s an indication that professional bodies such as KNUT and KMPDU are willing to join in the protests.

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