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Kenya School of Law student leader Joshua Okayo, who was abducted last Wednesday, has been found near Margua River in Murang’a County.

His discovery shocked the country. Reports say he appeared shaken, weak, and showed signs of torture.

Joshua’s brother, Fredrick Otieno, was one of the first to see him. He confirmed that Joshua was in significant pain and needed immediate medical attention.

“I have had from him, he looks shaken. He told me he was tortured. He feels pain beginning from his neck to his entire body, the chest, his legs and even his ankles. That tells you he was really tortured and that he was in a difficult situation.” Said Frederick Otieno.


After being found, Joshua was taken to Avenue Hospital in Thika. He is currently receiving treatment there.

Medical staff say Joshua is under close watch because of his condition, especially the psychological trauma he endured.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of student activists in Kenya, especially those who oppose recent government policies.

A group of lawyers, led by Ruth Ambogo, condemned the abduction, saying such tactics aim to intimidate the youth.

The legal community is calling for an immediate and thorough investigation into Joshua’s abduction and demands accountability from the authorities.

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