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Khalif Kairo, a prominent figure in the Gen Z movement, recently made a public announcement that he will no longer be actively involved in organizing protests.

In a statement posted on his social media page, Kairo expressed his concerns about the lack of clear objectives, leadership structure, and agenda within the movement.

He emphasized that any movement lacking these essential components is destined to fail, leading him to make the decision to step back.

Kairo clarified that his decision to quit was not driven by fear of threats, but rather by his unwillingness to be associated with a movement that he perceives as lacking direction and potentially harmful to the country it claims to be fighting for. His departure from the Gen Z revolution has sparked mixed reactions, with some supporters criticizing him for abandoning the cause and others understanding his reasons for distancing himself from the movement.


As criminal activities escalate during the protests and the Gen Z movement continues to operate without appointed leaders, Kairo’s departure has raised questions about the future of the movement. While some speculate that his decision was influenced by personal motives, others commend him for taking a stand against what he views as a disorganized and potentially destructive movement.

The debate surrounding Kairo’s exit highlights the complexities and challenges faced by young activists in today’s social and political landscape.

The overriding concern is that Kairo might be among a number of sellouts who are talking to the government about undermining the Gen Z movement.


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