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Kisumu County Senatorial aspirant Senior Counsel Fred Odumo Nying’uro will this afternoon hold inclusive consultations with residents of Awasi.

The meeting scheduled to begin any time now has been called to look for ways of incorporating in governance marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities, women, as well as members of Gen Z.

 Senior Counsel Odumo has shown an exemplary understanding of the issues affecting residents of Kisumu County. His ability to listen and act promptly on the needs of the people has endeared him in the eyes of the electorate.

Today Odumo will be listening as parents and youth voice concerns on both local and national issues of contemporary concern.


Discussions will center on economic empowerment of women, persons with disabilities (PWDs), youths and how Gen Z can be inculcated into leadership structures within the Kisumu County Government.

“When leaders fail to listen to the youth we foment dissentions such as those currently being experienced nationwide,” said Odumo, adding “it’s not a request but a legal and constitutional requirement that the young people of this great country be empowered and included in the national discourse.”

Wakili is also expected to utilise the occasion to articulate his political agenda and development blueprint for the people of Kisumu County.

The event to be held at Ger Liech Raila Odinga Secondary School will also bring together all the sub-clans residing in Awasi.

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