Drama unfolded on Thursday in Nairobi as a businesswoman stormed the residence of Member of Parliament Hon. Trizah Wanjiru Mwangi in Runda. She claimed that the MP had taken her husband.

Hellen Muthoni, a successful businesswoman in Kamukunji, Nairobi, confronted the Nominated MP after gaining entry to her home, insisting she had an appointment with the MP. However, when the MP came down to meet this unexpected visitor, insults began to fly, capturing the attention of neighbors in the peaceful neighborhood.

The woman asserted that Jacob Macharia, a businessman from Nyandarua, was her husband, and they have children together. Contrarily, Jacob Macharia has been living with the MP for over a decade, and they share two children.

The businesswoman, a mother of three, initiated a violent altercation in the MP’s opulent home, maintaining that Macharia was her boyfriend, and they have children together.

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