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A resident of Ramula village in Gem Constituency has criticized area MP Elisha Odhiambo Akuba for perpetually taking a swipe at Siaya Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo. According to Mr. Maurice Pudo the MP should pursue his development agenda and leave Orengo alone since he is oblivious to the term development.

“I find the grouse with the Governor this time baseless,” said Mr Pudo, adding “it is based on nothing much but his ability to speak good English while having a poor performance record. What did they expect of a person who has been an MP since I was a child, was a minister and recently a senator without as much as a public toilet to his credit?”

Pudo pointed a finger at Orengo’s failed campaign promises saying: “The Governor is full of PR optics launching and relaunching projects begun by his predecessor. He cannot even complete the Siaya stadium which is an eyesore for visitors to the town. I think Orengo should be left alone in his blissful utopia.”

Mr. Elisha Odhiambo is not the only politician that is having a rough time stomaching the reality that Orengo performs dismally in matters development. A yet-to-be-verified poll placed Governor Orengo among the poorest performing governors in Kenya.

When Elisha and other politicians were still darlings of the ODM Party juggernaut they campaigned for Orengo assiduously in the last Elections. Even then Orengo who had been in politics for close to four decades had virtually zero development track record.

“We have a governor who has good English but no development record, am calling on President Ruto himself to save Siaya from theft and wastage of resources!,” said Elisha at a function over the weekend.

Governor Orengo will be launching a much-hyped industrial park at Got Akara only a few metres from the ravaged Lake Kanyaboli.

In the publicity clip showing the launch a few healthy tilapia fish are displayed. Since Lake Kanyaboli burst a dyke after being messed up by the investor Lake Agro fish harvest has diminished considerably. There’s never been native tilapia on the Lake apart from experimental species cultivated by the former investor Dominion Farms Limited. Orengo will therefore be engaging in an exercise in futility.

Siaya simply has no industry to warrant a park for value addition. According to Mr. Pudo this is just another one of the numerous scams the county government engages in daily.

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