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A warning issued to members of a Siaya WhatsApp group carried the imminent warning of a hoax involving a company intending to prospect in gold at Ramula in Gem Constituency.

“Notice! To all Luo members coming from Gem Ramula in this group, you are hereby informed that there is a company calling itself SHANTA which is prospecting and mining gold in western Kenya at the moment. This company has mapped the entire Ramula for land acquisition and relocation of the masses from their mother land. A secret public participation has been going on with ignorant members of the society being given Ksh 500/- to sign meeting minutes that they don’t understand. We are holding a Baraza today at Ramula health center to sensitize locals about an imminent danger if Ramula was to be taken away in form of a temporary investment by a private firm. It is therefore important to inform each and everyone of you to call your people back at home to come out and defend their land from auction. In this mapping Ramula health center, Ramula shopping center, Ramula police line and various parts of the villages down to Ahenyo have been earmarked for relocation and mining. Failure to nip this in the bud, you might be having fun in the city but remain an alien in some foreign land in Busia because your home has been auctioned by unknowing villagers. Call home now! Call home now! Call home now.”¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ÿÛ C

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