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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has come out clean on allegations that Cabinet Secretary for Trade Moses Kuria was staring at a possible sacking.

Speaking this afternoon at the burial of Mau Mau heroine Field Marshal Muthoni Wa Kirima in Nyeri County Gachagua revealed that nobody will fire Moses Kuria from government for he had done nothing wrong.

He went ahead to tell the media off for reporting that a storm was brewing in Mt Kenya region between him and Moses Kuria while saying that Moses Kuria is just a worker and there no way he could be fighting his boss ( meaning himself).

‘Have seen yesterday in the newspapers that a storm was brewing in Mt Kenya, that Deputy President and Moses Kuria have fallen out…He (Moses Kuria) is my CS, am the deputy president, this is a worker (Kuria)…Moses Kuria is our son, have seen others say he be sacked. Where do you want him to go? For what reason? ‘ DP Gachagua posed rhetorically.


Gachagua clarified that when Moses Kuria sidestepped in his Twitter rants he stepped in to correct him and that was water under the bridge.

That the DP saw the need to address the issue at a public forum is enough evidence that something is indeed awry in the relationship between the CS and himself.

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