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Barely a week after promising her fans that she was taking leave from Twitter and political commentaries, Scophine Aoko Otieno has done it again.

This time though her supposed exposés are bloodcurdling as they appear to be directed at none other than the Head of State.

Aoko claims to have betrayed her community to please the State House occupants but to no avail. She practically received no recognition from the President and the First Lady. She has therefore decided to come back to sing the praises of Raila and Ida Odinga, both of whom recognized her when she was a nonentity.


In her usually abrasive manner she posts that:


“Raila and Ida are not perfect- I know the days of Rosa Buyu …But they are better- they welcomed me into his home when I had 2 hundred followers on Twitter 

Ida is not a FAKE prophetess whose husband dislocates her jaw with beatings, visits concubines in tinted black Harrier, forces staff to fast , hubby wears rings for optics and courts religion to hide behind a union in shambles”

Whatever she thinks she is doing she could do with some advice veteran journalist Phillip Ochieng gave a budding reporter many years ago: “The moment people find out you use your pen to manipulate them with the aim of getting rich, know that you have lost credibility in the media world and put your life at risk. What follows next is the life of a pariah whose only redemption is to kowtow to every perceived authority. I will not do that, rather I’ll walk off with my bare hands and my dignity”.

The day that advice was given many years ago we had been kicked out of Kenya Times (which Phillip helped to set up) and were starting from scratch on the eleventh floor of Kenya National Assurance Building along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi.

Funnily the people who kicked us out soon realized that our motives were not wealth but the pursuit of independent journalism. Subsequently the same people were financing our new weekly publication. 

Moral: Because she lacks the bravery to cut loose and walk off, and since she still nurtures the misguided notion that the media is a goldmine, Aoko has gone off kilter and now posses a danger to herself and anyone who comes into contact with her.

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