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Emotional Meru Deputy Governor Reveals Humiliating Relationship with Governor Kawira Mwangaza


Oct 1, 2023
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“Madam Chair, when you see a Meru man getting overwhelmed with emotions, it has not been easy.”

Meru Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma has accused his county boss Kawira Mwangaza of frustrating him after an apparent fallout.

The County Governor appeared before the county assembly Legal Affairs Committee during which he revealed that things have been tough for him.

He disclosed that the governor stopped inviting him to Cabinet meetings in May, a move he believes hampers service delivery.

“Madam Chair, when you see a Meru man getting overwhelmed with emotions, it has not been easy. It has been a year that has been tough for me,” Mutuma said.

He went on to disclose that his office is no longer facilitated and that he had to speak out of the challenges after realising that things are not getting better.

Mutuma said he chose to remain quiet because it is their government and as such, he could not broadcast its nakedness.

“You know it is my government, I have been trying to cover my government’s nakedness until we reached one year,” he narrated.

“I started talking about the challenges I am facing as the deputy governor of Meru on August 25, 2023, one year down the line. This is after I confirmed that things are moving from bad to worse.”

His summon to the county Assembly came amidst a plot to impeach the governor over allegations of failed leadership.

This is the second time in a year the governor will be facing an ouster motion after her first impeachment was thwarted by the Senate Assembly.





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