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Kisii, Siaya Increase Levies in order to plug Budget Deficit


Oct 1, 2023
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Residents in two Nyanza counties will have to dig deeper into their pockets to access various services following proposals to increase levies in Siaya and Kisii to help plug the budget deficit.

The proposals are contained in the Finance Bill, 2023, drafted by the devolved units.

In Siaya, daily bed charges in public hospitals, property rates and bus park charges are among a raft of new costly levies being proposed by Governor James Orengo’s administration.

The new measures, which also include the doubling or introduction of some new charges, are contained in Siaya County Finance Bill 2023.

Among the proposals by Orengo’s government is the introduction of daily charges for food for in-patients in public hospitals. Patients will now part with Sh300 per day. Currently, the hospitals have been charging only beds at Sh350 per day.


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