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Illiteracy Among MCAs Could Jeopardize Devolution


Oct 2, 2023

In a bold statement, Adan Keynan, the Member of Parliament for Eldas, has called for the implementation of minimum education qualifications for Members of County Assemblies (MCAs). Keynan expressed concern about the alleged prevalence of illiteracy among MCAs, highlighting the importance of having educated representatives at the local level.

He emphasized that MCAs play a vital role in the success of devolution in Kenya, as they are entrusted with the responsibility of representing their constituents at the county level. Keynan warned that if the devolution system were to fail, the blame should be squarely placed on both senators and MCAs, as it is their constitutional duty to ensure its success.

This call for educational standards among MCAs has sparked a debate on the qualifications required for political office, with some arguing for the importance of competence and knowledge in governance. It remains to be seen whether this proposal gains traction and leads to meaningful reforms in Kenya’s political landscape.

“We should have some minimum education qualification for MCAs I am told quite a number of them are illiterate. If devolution fails we will hold our senators and MCAs squarely responsible, that is their constitutional mandate”, Keynan said on a KTN TV talk show.

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