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Our snoopy tendencies have gotten us through the National Police Service records and the Kenya Police Service Commission to bring you this report.

There are 106,830 cops in the country who are serving in the Public Police Administration according to the reports that we have with us tonight.

Out of this, 89,373 cops are men while ladies are only 17,457 according to available records.

Kikuyu’s make up 18004 officials, 9752 Luhyas, 9809 Kambas make up the best three networks that are in the Public Police Administration.

Luo’s, Kipsigis and Nandis are 8773, 6004, 5507 cops separately in the Public Police Administration.

The people group with the most unnumbered of cops in the nation are Nubis, Indians and Makonde are 52, 3, 2 separately in the Public Police Administration.

Published as received 

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