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One of 3 DCI Detectives Injured in Shootout with Thug Dies


Oct 10, 2023
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One of three Kasarani-based DCI Detectives who were injured by a thug in an operation on Sunday has died.

Constable Andrew Nyakundi died while receiving medication at Nairobi West Hospital.

Nyakundi was one of the three policemen who were shot and injured in the confrontation with the suspected thug.

Nyakundi was shot in the thigh leading to a rapture of his nerves.

A Ceska pistol was recovered during the Sunday operation.

During the shootout, the suspected thug identified as Duncan Ochieng Ndinya was killed and a Ceska pistol believed to have been stolen in Gem, Siaya County, was recovered.

The Ceska pistol was then loaded with 15 bullets but when it was recovered on Sunday night it had two ammunitions.

The death of Nyakundi comes a day after the DCI Boss Mohamed Amin visited the injured officers at the Nairobi West Hospital.

A statement by the DCI on Monday indicated that the injured officers were responding well to treatment.


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