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The State Department for Interior and Citizen Services was the biggest government spender on fuel in the country during the 2022/2023 financial year.

In the Controller of Budget report that covered the budget of government institutions between June 2022 and June 2023, it was detailed that the state department under the Ministry of Interior used Ksh947.57 million in fuel and lubricant expenses.

Overall, all government institutions spent Ksh3.86 billion on fuel, oil and lubricants.

Other big spenders on fuel were the State Department for Correctional Services at Ksh761.31 million and the National Police Service (NPS) which spent Ksh439.18 million.

The Office of the President spent Ksh381.54 million. This covers the latter months of former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office and President William Ruto’s first nine months.

On the other hand, the Judiciary spent Ksh163.95 million.


“The total expenditure by MDAs was Ksh20.37 billion comprising Ksh14.04 billion for domestic travel and Ksh6.33 billion for foreign travel.

“The National Assembly recorded the highest domestic and Foreign travel at Ksh4.81 billion and Ksh1.59 billion respectively,” read the report in part.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent Ksh1.26 billion on foreign travel.

Uhuru and Ruto on the other hand spent Ksh361.77 million. However, the duo spent Ksh1 billion on domestic travel.

Another big spender on domestic travel was the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) at Ksh1.07 billion. The Judiciary and the State Department for Interior spent Ksh972.72 million and Ksh995.14 million respectively.


The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission spent the highest on rent and rates at Ksh3.59 billion.

Other big spenders on rent were the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Ksh1.9 billion, the State Department for Trade (Ksh 224.72 million), and the State Department for Labour (Ksh256.76 million).

The Office of the President spent Ksh196.13 million on rent.

Ruto and Uhuru had the biggest expenditure on hospitality. The duo spent Ksh2.34 billion. This covers the money spent on hosting state luncheons for visiting presidents and other state house events.

The OP’s expenditure was followed by IEBC who spent Ksh2.12 billion. Notably the period covers the electioneering period when the Commission held several activities revolving around the August 9, 2022 polls.

The Judiciary spent Ksh454.22 with the Treasury’s hospitality expenditure put at Ksh339.46.

Routine Maintenance

The total expenditure by the government offices was Ksh3.69 billion including Ksh1.95 billion for motor vehicles and Ksh1.74 billion for maintenance of other assets.

“The State Department for Interior and Citizen Services recorded the highest routine maintenance motor vehicle expense at Ksh589.72 million while the Ministry of Health recorded the highest routine maintenance of other Assets at Ksh245.95 million,” read the report in part.

Operating Expenses

These operations covered bank service charges, parking charges, constituency office expenses, security operations, and laundry expenses amongst others.

Govt agency’s expenditure in this category was Ksh58.39 billion.

The Office of The President spent Ksh8.54 billion while the Treasury had its expenditure standing at Ksh11.16 billion.

“National Assembly’s Ksh2.28 billion comprises Ksh2.20 billion for constituency office expenses, Ksh159.31 million for the purchase of vehicles and other transport equipment, Ksh88.02 million for the purchase of Office furniture and general equipment and Ksh21.65 million for the hire of transport equipment,” read the report in part.



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