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From his backyard of Gatundu throughout Kenya, former President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has received a deluge of goodwill wishes as he celebrated his 62nd birthday.

The former President who spoke during a hearty conversation with Kameme FM presenter Muthoni Wa Kirumba said he is grateful to be turning a year older.

Uhuru thanked the presenter and all who remembered him on his special day, as he also prayed that they live many years and lead healthy lives.

“I am grateful, am grateful you have remembered me, may God also bless you the way you have prayed for me. I pray you live many years and have good health. Even all your listeners, I make the same prayers for them. I don’t have anything to say,” the former head of state said.


Wa Kirumba had called the former President to wish him a happy birthday.

They went on to have a slight exchange of light banter where Uhuru jokingly dismissed questions regarding how old he was turning.

In a video shared on social media, the two enjoyed moments of laughter in between the conversation.

“How many years have you turned?” Muthoni wa Kirumba asked.

“Stop asking about years, let’s say whatever years God has given us, we are grateful to him. Stop asking me many questions about years.

“Life begins at 40, I can guarantee you that because that age passed a long time ago. And where God has got us, we say thank you to him. We pray he continues keeping us in peace, and good health. We also pray for our country because it is also about to turn 60 years old,” Uhuru responded.

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