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JOOUST Students in Protest Over Insecurity at Siaya Campus


Nov 5, 2023
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In Siaya County, a wave of frustration and fear has swept across the student population, leading to a united front against the increasing insecurity in the region. Students from various institutions, both at the high school and tertiary levels, have taken to the streets to voice their concerns and demand that authorities address the pressing issue of safety.

In recent months, Siaya County has witnessed a surge in criminal activities, leaving residents and students living in constant fear. The students, who are the future of the county, feel particularly vulnerable as they traverse the streets and commute to their schools. Incidents of theft, assault, and even kidnapping have shaken the community, compelling students to take action.

The protests, which have gained momentum in Siaya County, are not just about expressing anger; they also aim to shed light on the urgent need for local authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of their constituents, especially the youth. Siaya County has a rich heritage of academic excellence and is home to many young talents. The prevailing insecurity is hampering their educational pursuits and creating an atmosphere of constant anxiety.

The protests in Siaya County have garnered significant attention from local media, sparking conversations and encouraging local leaders to take action. The unified front of students has underlined the importance of involving the youth in discussions and decision-making processes related to their safety.

The situation in Siaya County is a reminder that the voices of the youth can be a powerful force for change. As students continue to march and make their voices heard, it is hoped that their demands will not fall on deaf ears. Siaya County’s leaders and authorities must prioritize the safety of their young residents and work towards creating a secure and prosperous environment for everyone.



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