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Tale of Police Officer who Murdered MP for Love


Nov 4, 2023

Today we take a look at a sad story of police officer named Andrew Moeche Omwenga who showed how far a man would go to protect the woman he loves.

Omwenga used to work as a traffic police officer at the Eldoret Police Station until something bad happened on the highway in January 2008.

He also had feelings of love for a coworker at the police station. At the Police Training College in Kiganjo, Nyeri, the two had been trained together.

During the peak of the violent period after the elections in January 2008, something very sad happened to Omwenga and Eunice Chepkwony’s love story.

Eventually, the couple’s love story came to an end in a very special and surprising way, despite facing challenges.

Omwenga did not know there was another person involved in their connection. And from that moment, everything became worse.

One beautiful day, Eunice saw a man she didn’t know driving a car. They came up to Omwenga while he was working on a main road in Eldoret.

Upset and angry, Eunice started arguing with Omwenga, causing the traffic cop to stop doing his job and try to resolve the problem with them. Later, the three of them agreed to meet on the side of the road. Things became chaotic and chaotic at that place.

Omwenga killed Eunice and a person he didn’t know during a fight. Late it would emerge that the person who died was a member of parliament for the Ainamoi constituency from the ODM party. He went by the name of David Kimutai Too.


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