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Despite setting aside a tidy sum for the purchase of tree seedlings, identifying sites and other logistical support matters, the first nationwide tree planting day met numerous hitches in Siaya.

Chief among these was the glaring lack of mobilization as Assistant Chiefs dressed in full uniforms converged at advertised sites without informing the residents of their locations. Then there was the lack of policy direction with residents wondering what the source of the seedlings was; was the Government providing or were the locals to plant their trees?

Otherwise in Gem Constituency, the exercise went seamlessly under the polished guidance of MP Elisha Ochieng Odhiambo Akuba.

A major exercise was held in East Gem Ward at the Proposed Gamba Technical Training Institute compound. A  total of 1500 trees were planted and 2000 seedings were distributed to East Gem residents to plant back at home.

The MP was accompanied by outspoken  South Gem Ward MCA Brian and Former Gem MP  Joe Aketch Donde.

“As we endeavour to increase  our county’s tree cover, let’s concentrate on planting crop-friendly trees for us to properly utilize our land for both growing trees and other agricultural activities,” said MP Elisha Odhiambo.

He thanked the residents who turned out in large numbers to participate in the countrywide tree-planting exercise.

Meanwhile, reports reaching our newsdesk belatedly indicate the Nyalore administration under the patronage of HE. Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo had set the target for this day at 45,000 tree seedlings to be planted at the pre-mapped and designated sites in all 30 Wards across our great County through the respective Ward Climate Change Committees.

The report claims that by end of day Monday 58,000 seedlings had been planted which is 51% above the target!

The report further indicates that some 72,000 tree seedlings had been purchased directly from local registered and commercial tree nurseries operators across the County in the last one week,in preparation for the tree planting exercise. That translates to direct income for the youth and women running the nurseries as their source of livelihoods. 

As is to be expected, in Alego-Usonga, Ugunja, Ugenya, Rarieda and Bondo Constituencies the exercise was a mere formality with elected leaders who attended choosing to focus on politics rather than the business at hand.

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