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Kilifi South MP Ken Chonga Suspended From Parliament for Terming Ruto Speech A Bunch of Lies


Nov 15, 2023
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Parliament faced a contentious session on Tuesday as members debated President William Ruto’s State of the Nation Address from the previous week.

The tension peaked with the suspension of Kilifi South MP Ken Chonga, who criticized the Majority Leader, his deputy, and the Kenya Kwanza administration.

Chonga, taking the floor, expressed skepticism about the accuracy of President Ruto’s statements. Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei responded by announcing Chonga’s removal from the house for the next two sittings, citing his unauthorized use of the microphone.

“We are degrading the dignity of this house by allowing members to utter careless statements without substantiating, without giving facts,” remarked Kimani Ichung’wah. He requested Chonga to withdraw his remarks or face expulsion from the house.

Despite demands from Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei to retract his statement, Chonga declined, asserting that his sentiments were misunderstood. Shollei dismissed his response, stating that he made matters worse by reiterating what he was supposed to withdraw.

Consequently, as a result of the suspension, Ken Chonga will not attend Parliament for the next two sittings.



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