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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Thursday shed some light into the background of the woman claiming ownership of KES 17bn oil.

The businesswoman Anne Njeri Njoroge relived the mystery of her disappearance, days after she was declared missing.

Speaking during a press conference on Thursday, Raila said what was happening was unfortunate.

“It is saddening! These are people who have differed and now they are having blame games,” he said.

Raila questioned why Njeri was being arrested at night instead of during the day.

“You even wonder about what is happening. Why is she being arrested at night? If she has not stolen why arrest her? And even if she stole why not do it during the day?” He posed.

He said that what Kenyans are interested in is to know the real person behind Njeri.

“You can have a good look at her. Someone is backing her up. Who is the person?” Raila posed.

Two importers are tussling over the ownership of the consignment, which Njeri says is hers. The dispute that has blocked a ship from offloading

Marketing companies Galana Energies Limited and Aramco are reportedly each claiming to own 100,000 metric tons of the said oil.

When Njeri went missing, her lawyer Cliff Ombeta claimed that two individuals took advantage of her lack of an oil importing licence to lay claim to ownership of the oil.

At the DCI, Njeri said she recorded a statement after which some alleged officers asked her to accompany them to another office.

“I then realised that it was not an office. The officers then asked me whether I was on medication. I told them I was but I did not have the medicine with me,” she said.

The businesswoman added that the officers asked for her phone and password and then took her to a waiting vehicle outside.


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