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By Calvin Awora

The Chief Officer for Agriculture, Food Security, Livestock & Blue Economy – Mrs. Elizabeth Adongo on Saturday morning led the planting of 100 fruit and 387 agroforestry tree seedlings at Siaya Central SDA church Courtesy of a National exercise organized by Agriculture Sector Development Support Programme Phase II (ASDSP II)

This adds to the tally of 58,000 that were planted across all wards in the County on Monday, an initiative that marks part of the journey to grow 15 billion trees in Kenya by 2032


Ms. Adongo explained that Trees are a vital component of our environment and our lives. They provide us with oxygen, clean air, food, medicine, and a habitat for wildlife. Trees also play a crucial role in regulating the climate, preventing soil erosion, and protecting biodiversity.


“We must therefore be part of their growth if we are to reap the intended benefits in the next few years”, says Mrs. Adongo

On his part, Mr. Kenneth Owuor, ASDSP II Program coordinator thanked the County Department of Water, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Kenya Forest Service and Ministry of Interior and National Administration for their full participation

He further indicated that the tally included fruit trees because apart from just preserving our environment, we should be able be food secure and generate incomes from the fruits produced.

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