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A classical case of the hunter being hunted plays out when the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) remains adamant that it must repossess land presently occupied by an investment owned by President Ruto.

The KCAA has filed a fresh application at the Environment and Land Court in Nairobi accusing Weston Hotel of sitting on temporary orders of evacuation while attempting to halt hearing of the land dispute between the two organisations.

KCAA argues Weston Hotel had been granted a grace period of one year to make an appeal but since 2021, they have been unable to do so as per a Justice Bernard Eboso directive.

KCAA lawyers now want the organisation to pursue President William Ruto’s Weston Hotel with a view to evacuation.

“The urgency of this matter is that, a state parastatal, is unable to utilize it’s land two years later due to it being held at ransom by second respondent ( Weston) who has not sought any direction in relation to the appeal “, a KCAA lawyer noted.

This comes a year after Justice Bernard Eboso directed Weston Hotel to make an appeal in relation to the land dispute between the two parties.

No doubt this is a major setback for President William Ruto who recently ordered the demolitions of Mavoko land properties on similar legal grounds.


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