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A poll carried out by Politrack Africa has placed Siaya Governor James Orengo as number 15 out of the top 20 most impactful county bosses in Kenya.

In his own backyard Orengo has been perceived as underperforming with claims of corruption riddling his admininistration. The poll outcome has therefore been met with incredulity by a section of Siaya residents with one Mike Ochieng saying:

“Proliferation of misinformation in digital news environments can harm society in a number of ways, but its dangers are most acute when citizens believe that false news is factually accurate. Deception is not a new phenomenon in mass communication: people had been exposed to political propaganda, strategic misinformation, and rumors long before much of public communication migrated to digital spaces.”

As is to be expected critics have come out to claim that the county government of Siaya could be implicit in influencing the outcome of the poll. 


A thorough check of Politrack Africa has, nonetheless, revealed that previous surveys conducted by the firm met universally accepted standards. The hard questions on this poll are  why would Siaya County Government influence a poll to place Orengo fifth from bottom? And when is a poll of politicians bereft of Political Propaganda and Strategic Misinformation?

Saatchi and Saatchi, one of the most respected global communication and brand Advertising firms acknowledge that “no poll is completely independent of daily biases unless carried out by aliens.”

The poll outcome could be faulted for ascribing the commissioning of high-mast lighting across the county markets to Orengo (as that was Rasanga’s landmark achievement) yet by and large the poll covered the most rudimentary aspects required for purposes of credibility.

As the Governor continues to exert effort in development projects maybe it’s time Siaya County Government also invested in expert publicity so as to shed the negative perception that met the declaration that Mr. Orengo is among the top 20 most impactful county bosses in Kenya.


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