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By Simon Bodo

On top of being implacably articulate, the bespectacled National Assembly Minority Leader Hon. Opiyo Wandayi has cut for himself a unique arc that seems to endear him to the media and the masses at large. One, therefore, realises that politics only becomes relevant when done within the confines of policies that govern the institutions; more so the parliament. When doing politics, it’s also important to speak to the challenges that bedevil the citizenry at large, not just speaking to massage egos of just a cabal of big brothers.

Hon. Wandayi seems to have realized that advocating for the greater good of the country resides in the citadel of patriotism, thus, he has decided to be a patriot rather than remaining a villain.

I had my misgivings when the Scion of Ugunja was picked as the National Assembly Minority Leader, but his performance both within and without the chambers has allayed my misgivings. When in parliament, he speaks policies; when outside parliament, he champions the rights of the downtrodden.


What makes Hon. Wandayi’s brand of politics endearing is his brevity, combative, and assertiveness in articulating his thoughts without throwing unnecessary epithets. His sense of reputation, not to mention the sure head-tilting composure and body language that normally leave his audience, especially his colleagues in the house asking for more, are assets that he needs to continue harnessing.

Never have I heard any instance when Hon. Wandayi used vulgar language even in the heat of the moments in charged political rallies. He might only deliver his message with authority and responsibility devoid of abuses. The astuteness he radiates is a scintillating aura that automatically resonates with the mass and eventually attracts a following. He espouses President Mandela’s school of thought that says “If you want the cooperation of humans around you, you must make them feel they are important – and you do that by being genuine and humble”.

The Daystar University law-trained legislature seems to have set a pristine standard that anyone who would want to inherit the national following akin to what Hon. Raila has enjoyed, must stay the course of advocate for humanity. This cannot be achievable in the antagonistic brand of politics toward Baba as some have tried in the Luo nation and hit a snag. This quixotic brand of politics is utterly archaic making it dead on arrival.

If there’s any need for one to go back to class and learn new skills in matters of politics, then the “wannabe Luo kingpins” should troop back to the citadel of knowledge. Because at the rate, the Ugunja MP has set the bar quite a bit for them if the Law degree that he recently acquired is anything to go by. It may help inculcate in them the much-needed chivalrous virtue in handling politics. 
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