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A breakdown of money collected for burial preparations for the late Douglas Odero Spoiler now shows that over KES 1 million was pocketed by three individuals.

What prompted the stealing was the realisation that the bulk of the funeral expenses had been catered for and that since they were running the show, there would be no proper accounting required.

The coffin and suit were paid for by area MP Samuel Atandi who also gave a cash donation of KES 150,000. Another KES 100,000 was donated by Sacco. MCA Ababa gave a bull while the Governor’s Personal Assistant Fred Ojode catered for the mortuary bills as well as the water bowser.

The bulk of expenditure having been taken care of, left the committee with negligible contingencies such as organising for the bus transport and money to pay a videographer.

One of the three culprits appropriated KES 30,000, ostensibly for video and photography and yet there were no professional photographic services rendered. Instead, a photographer assigned to the MP’s office took the centre spot.

In the last committee meeting where the final budget was to be reconciled a representative of the family named Amby was expelled from the meeting for no clear reason.

With Amby gone and only six members of the committee remaining the Treasurer was prevailed upon to declare at the burial the following day that the balance in the account was a meagre KES 800,000.

At the burial one committee member said the balance was KES 800,000 the other said KES 900,000.

The actual figure, a mole now reveals, was more than KES 1.63 million.

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