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Rarieda Member of Parliament Paul Otiende Amollo is at the heart of a raging controversy involving abuse of the NG-CDF bursary allocation in his constituency.

Rarieda MP Paul Otiende Amollo. Photo: MLK

Whereas Mr Otiende Amollo has a record for showing up in polls for MPs who expedite the use of the National Government Constituency Development Fund proficiently, lately there have been calls for a proper audit of his tenure.

In the last few weeks, several needy students from Rarieda who did exceptionally well in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams have hit social media carrying placards asking for assistance.

It would be tolerable if the same students had missed on allocation because of the limited funds, unfortunately, that is not the case. The students were not awarded the money, allegedly, because the children of his friends and cronies were given first preference.

According to an exposé seen by this writer on a WhatsApp group, some of those awarded scholarships are close friends to the MP who are relatively stable. Others are salaried supporters and family members.

A list of beneficiaries included Maria Clara, daughter to Victoria Ombok, Ward Administrator West Uyoma and a known close ally of the MP.

Also on the list is Precious Amondi, daughter of Joyce Janter. (Otiende’s Younger Sister )

There’s also Remmy Silver, a daughter to Edward Amollo (Otiende’s Brother)

Another suspect beneficiary is Joseph Oloo, who is the son of a close relative.

Ouko Otumba Anthony is the son of the CECM for Education in Siaya County Dr Edgar Otumba.

Over the past week, more than half of the students who asked for assistance in WhatsApp groups in Siaya came from Rarieda. Photo: courtesy of WhatsApp group

As this bursary allocation scandal simmers, Otiende Amollo is faced with increasing dissent in his backyard of Rarieda since former MP Nicholas Odero Gumbo indicated that he will be gunning for the Rarieda Constituency Parliamentary seat come 2027.


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