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By Eric Omwombo 

Azimio leader Raila Odinga will next week give a direction that would chart the destiny of this Nation.

Raila said Kenyans are fed up with the leadership of President William Ruto and acolytes hence prompting him to give a direction to save the country.

“There is a state of confusion in this country with those in power imposing more taxes that do not add value to the contributor’s lives”, he said.


Speaking at the Burial of Austine Sijeyo Raila said when they formed a grand coalition with ex-president Mwai Kibaki, the public coffers were empty but they did not increase taxes to boost but rather increased the tax base.

“The pot that holds public coffers has a crack and cannot hold the many taxes collected from the public. So we must seal all the corruption loopholes just the way it was done during the era of grand-coalition government,” said Raila

The former Premier said the country is in a state of crisis and every sector of the economy seemed to be in a mess including the education sector where students opened schools the other day and the government has not yet released the bursary funds.

“The Kenya Kwanza administration does not have any clue on how to help revive the economy of this country. They are just gambling and basing their strategies on trial and error,” said the opposition dozen.

Raila further said the current regime is defying the constitution and doing things without consulting the public and when stopped by the Judiciary they turn daggers against courts.

Raila said there is no day dictatorial leadership will thrive in this country under the 2010 Constitution.

“The dictatorship style of leadership went with the era of the Moi and whoever wants to experiment with us will be in for a surprise,” said Raila.

Raila reminded Ruto that he is a product of court and so going against those who midwifed his government is like digging his own grave.

“Courts’ verdicts have remained supreme and that’s why when the High Court of Kenya made a verdict on the presidential petition, we never argued but respected it,” said Raila adding that in this country nobody is above the law.

Raila was accompanied by National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi, Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi, and Siaya County Assembly Speaker George Okode.

Wandayi faulted the ruling government for failing to release NG-CDF which helped  sponsor needy students.

“The Treasury complains of being starved of cash and yet the president continues to overtax Kenyans,” said Wandayi. 

He further faulted the government for defying a court order on the housing levy.

“The court had pronounced itself on the matter and termed the public participation called by Parliament through notice as too short and unconstitutional and that must be respected”

He called upon litigants to file contempt proceedings against The National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula and the leadership of  parliament.

“The courts declared that the public participation for the notice on the affordable housing was too short and unconstitutional but Wetangula has decided to set a very dangerous precedent of visiting public participation on the issue when the courts have not heard or determined the matter,” said Wandayi.

“We have committed contempt of court and will be asking the litigants to file contempt proceedings against Wetangula and parliament leadership,” said Wandayi.

Atandi, on his part vowed to deal with Ruto if he messes up with the Judiciary.

“As foot soldiers of Raila. We have on several occasions witnessed our leader abiding by the decisions of the courts and so we firmly stand with the courts and their independence,” said Atandi.

“There is nothing that would have stopped us from evicting presidents and his acolytes from state house but because courts declared him (Ruto) president, we complied,” said Atandi.

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