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In an unexpected turn of events, a 50-year-old head teacher, known as Mr. Mukheshi, shocked both staff and students at a local school in Bungoma on Tuesday evening. What began as a routine visit from a parent seeking her daughter’s birth certificate escalated into a scandalous situation.

The parent, accompanied by her friend Mary, arrived at the school post-midday. Following instructions, she left Mary in the waiting area and proceeded to the library to meet with the head teacher. As time passed without their return, Mary grew impatient and went in search of them, expressing frustration, “I waited for a long time and became very impatient.”

To her astonishment, Mary discovered the head teacher and her friend engaged in inappropriate behavior, clothes strewn across the floor. In Swahili, she exclaimed, “Hii ndio kitu mnafanya apa na Mimi nakungoja nje?” (Is this what you do while I wait outside?)

Mary’s outcry attracted other teachers to the scene, witnessing the awkward sight of the two hastily dressing. Confronting them, Mary disapproved, saying, “Huyu mother nampatia mtoto wake aibu gani hii?” (What shame is this that you’re giving to your child?)


To defuse the situation, teachers intervened, dismissing students and escorting the two parents to the school gate. Shortly after the incident, the head teacher left the premises on his motorcycle.

Insider information reveals that this behavior was not isolated, suggesting the head teacher had been engaging in such activities for some time, finally facing consequences. The incident leaves the school community in shock, emphasizing the importance of maintaining professionalism in educational institutions.

 —Editor’s note: published as received 

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