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There was drama at a low-income rental house in Embu town on Thursday when a man claiming to be the husband of a woman swooped on her with her lover.

The middle-aged man who appeared dangerously calm narrated how he has been following the escapades of the two lovers for a while now.

The woman was caught cheating with a KMTC student identified only as Brian who has been skipping classes lately to indulge in the clandestine affair.

According to sources the woman didn’t go home on Wednesday night claiming to have decided to spend the night with a relative since it was late and drizzling.

Knowing about the clandestine affair the man set out Thursday morning in the company of a female friend of the woman and a relative and caught the duo red-handed romancing in bed.

It is not yet clear what the husband decided but shortly after bursting the duo he left without a word.

The woman aged thirty-six and her student lover aged twenty-four were left basking in shame and disapproval from members of the public.

Sources have confirmed that the woman and her husband have a number of children.

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