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By Kevin Dooso

The most dangerous move that Governor Orengo ever made after assuming office was his attempt to snatch the grip of the Assembly from Speaker George Okode and take control.

Orengo studied the Speaker for some time and somehow became convinced that constant intimidation from the party’s head office and “giving” incentives to the MCAs would weaken the Speaker and grant the Executive total veto on the Assembly.

I think this is what rattled Okode who is more experienced politically in running County affairs and is equally better equipped for such duells.


It’s on this breath that I strongly feel that the misunderstanding between George Okode and his Deputy, Hon. Oduor Odongo is a mere warmup to a chaotic ungovernable environment that the Governor has been fighting for since his election.

George, with the traits of a honey badger, has discovered that unlike, the former administration, this regime is driven by Indotyphlops braminus and can easily be humbled.

Someone please whisper to the Governor that the Siaya Assembly as presently constituted can only unite against the Executive and not the Speaker as some of his advisors thought.

The fear of being sanctioned by ODM if you oppose the Governor is gone and I believe members are now ready to discharge their duties without interference from the Executive.

It is an open secret that Okode has always been gentle and generous to his colleagues and the short period that a majority of the assembly members interacted with Orengo at a personal level has helped them judge and decide.

If granted a minute with the Speaker, all I can tell him of course must congratulate him for playing smart and then humbly appeal to him to end the war so that we can witness what James Bob Aggrey Orengo is made of in terms of development.

Sometimes such wars are triggered by clueless leaders when they realise that they have nothing to offer the electorate.


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