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A young nutritionist, Joshua Akinde, stated that he had had a ‘near-death’ experience, where his ex came to his house and almost lost her life had he not rushed her to the hospital.

“That night, we didn’t even do anything. She came from work to help me cook because I was not feeling too well. I didn’t know she had just taken a drug overdose. Late at night, she started jerking and a foamy substance was coming out of her mouth. By the time I could know what was happening, she stopped moving.

“I was so scared that I started shouting. My neighbours gathered and a woman suggested we pour her water first. I did and she coughed but was still unconscious.

“That night, I had to manage to take her to a hospital. I only had a pair of boxers on, and I didn’t even realise until I got to the hospital; I was so confused. What would I have told her people about what happened to their daughter?


“Who would have believed that we didn’t even have sex? Everyone would think I was too hard on her during intercourse and she died. You know how social media can be,” he said.

He added that, from that day, he swore never to let any romantic partner sleep over at his house.

“We either meet in an open place, go to a hotel, or simply not meet physically at all,” he added.

Having a partner die in one’s house can be such a tragic situation. It can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remain calm and take the necessary steps to handle the situation responsibly.

Here are seven practical ways to handle that kind of situation should it happen.

“Only certified medical practitioners can declare a person dead and record the time of death, not neighbours, not friends, not first aiders, not paramedics,” he stressed.

Call the police, get a lawyer

Onuoha said informing the authorities should be done right after help had been sought.

She said, “Provide the emergency dispatcher with accurate information about the location, the circumstances of the death, and any relevant details about your partner, such as their identity and medical history.

“Do not hold back any information but do so only with the presence of a lawyer. A lawyer is very crucial at this point because they would help navigate the legal fireworks that may come up during the interrogations.

“We have seen cases where people are just victims of being at the wrong place at the right time and they are made to pay for crimes they know nothing about. A lawyer would be able to advise you on the next step to take,” she added.

Oghe, however, said cooperating with law enforcement agents does more good for the individual in question.

He said, “When the police arrive, in the presence of a lawyer, answer their questions truthfully and provide any assistance they require. Be prepared to provide identification and answer questions about your relationship with the deceased.”

Contact family, friends

Notifying the deceased’s family members or next of kin about what happened is the next thing to do.

This is why, according to Oghe, people should not date people if they are not ready to have family members or friends aware.

“Anything can just happen and you’d need someone to call. Times like this are when you realise that making sure friends or family members of your partner are aware of your relationship is a big good.

“When you inform the family of the tragedy in the most empathetic way you can, please, offer them support and comfort during this difficult time, and assist them in making necessary arrangements. If they decide to sue, please, cooperate with them.

Follow legal procedures

Depending on the circumstances of the death, law enforcement may conduct an investigation or order an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Cooperate with authorities and follow any legal procedures required.

Onuoha stressed that the state, police, or even the family of the deceased might decide to sue, adding that a coroner’s inquest might also be set up.

“Getting a good lawyer at this time cannot be overemphasised,” the lawyer added.

Seek support

Coping with the sudden loss of a loved one can be emotionally challenging. Therefore reaching out to friends, family, or a trusted counselor for emotional support and guidance during this difficult time could be helpful.

Oghe said, “If the death is determined to be from natural causes or accidental, the authorities may conclude their investigation without further action.

“If foul play or suspicious circumstances are suspected, law enforcement may launch a more extensive investigation, which could lead to legal proceedings or charges against individuals involved.

“The deceased’s family may seek legal counsel to address any concerns or questions they have regarding the circumstances of the death or to pursue any necessary legal actions.

“In any case, it’s essential to approach the situation with sensitivity, compassion, and a willingness to cooperate with authorities to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to handle the situation appropriately.”


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