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A new scam has been unearthed in Siaya County where officials have plotted to defraud and embezzle funds meant for education through the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF).

The scam involves duplication of registered school names and creation of pseudo school accounts to attract hundreds of thousands of shillings intended for education bursary allocation to needy and sometimes disabled children.

According to insider reports the scam has been going on for sometime.

A case in point is the Equator Round table School in Ugunja whose name has been used to create two pseudo school accounts;  Equator School for Mentally Handicapped and Equator Special School.


Another example is Maranda Special School  found in Bondo, which is the original entity. It has been used to create Maranda School for Mentally Handicapped.

Sega Special School for the handicapped received KES 168,000 and an additional KES 164,500, concurrently.

The oversight has led to undeserving institutions being allocated hundreds of thousands in public funds.

Meanwhile the proposed fee subsidy of KES 8,000 per year for secondary day school students in Alego-Usonga by area MP Samuel Onunga Atandi has failed to take off. Sirinde Mixed Secondary School where he made the momentous announcement is yet to see the disbursement of the funds as are numerous day schools across Alego-Usonga Constituency.


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