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It is sad that everyday an appointment is made in Siaya certain people have to go off on a tangent about academic qualifications that usually aim at shaming the subjects.

True, sometime back if one threw a stone in crowded spaces in Siaya County one was likely to hit a professor. Today the probability is doubly high — the numbers of people with degrees in the County has multiplied twofold.

And while these statistics are not corroborated anywhere we all know that a good number of the educated folk in Siaya lack jobs. Loosely speaking, then, this could be one of the reasons why there’s acrimony and sourness among certain individuals.

The individuals are now becoming spoilsports or witches as they look at the negative to blow it up out of proportion. Who does the positive?

Why muddy social media spaces with convoluted exegesis on the foibles and failures of others when we know very well that at the back of it all we are out for the mere kick or allure of the shilling.

By painting ourselves as knights in golden amour we tend to forget that actions have consequences and with time we may be required to stand up in a court of law and justify our claims.

With regard to the latest appointments these are the facts:

What are the baseline qualifications required for one to occupy the office of Director in a county government? Only a first degree (proof of education) and proof of fidelity to the appointing authority.

The Director Governor’s Press Unit is not a competitive position therefore there’s no need to advertise anything ahead of such appointments.

Does the Public Service Board hire or fire appointees attached to the Governor’s office? No, that’s a sole discretion of the Governor and the noise going around about the Public Service Board’s involvement is pure hot air. PSC Act Section 32(1) is therefore irrelevant here.

One Lee Njiru who was a long-serving appointee by the late president Daniel Arap Moi had an unequalled illustrious career as head of Presidential Press Unit and all he needed to succeed was fidelity to the appointing authority, not a university degree.

Finally let’s look at witches (male or female night runners). Even in this foul weather they’ll go out to answer to their call and spoil our mood. Witchcraft has been proven to be psychopathic. And it can manifest itself in numerous ways, including running off at the mouth with information intended to put others down.

Time has also proven that the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK does not, necessarily, have to be an accountant. It’s the passion for à job that forestalls success. Let the Governor enjoy the privilege bestowed upon him by law.


Editorial Wednesday 3 April 2024

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