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According to the migratory history of the Luo people jo-Kaugagi first settled along the shores of Lake Kanyaboli sometime towards the end of the fourteenth century. They stemmed from the fourth son of Podho and were purely Luo until they were infiltrated by the Abanyala.

That infiltration led to a bitter war between jo-Kaugagi and a splinter group of the Maasai remnants from the Got Ramogi dispersion called jo-Uihwa. Because of their superior war antics a handful soldiers of jo-Uihwa drove away a large troupe of jo-Kaugagi from occupying the shores of Lake Kanyaboli and they were pushed up to Nyadian’ga where some rocks stand to this day as a testament of a truce entered between the two clans of Alego.

Dian’ga was a Luhya chief who himself had been driven out from Sio Port by the invading Samia. He gave out his daughter to Kaugagi in exchange of some magic amulets (gagi) hence the name Nyadian’ga. When he went back to Sio Port and recaptured the land he previously occupied by defeating his enemies word spread out that Kaugagi had portent magic and so from the fifteenth century onwards my ancestors were left in peace to occupy the space south of Mwer to Nyadian’ga.

So why this lengthy cock and bull story on a chilly Friday morning?


One. I am a seer. I’ve often said here that what the Nabukaki (as we are known among our Luhya neighbours) can see sitting other men must climb on top of trees to see.

Right now am seeing an infiltration into the ranks of Gen Z. On Thursday protestors came out very weakly in certain areas of Kenya especially Nakuru, Kericho and Eldoret. On Friday president Dr William Samoei Ruto is right inside Twitter spaces talking to Gen Z. [Am reliably informed that while Ruto will be talking to his acolytes Osama Otero and Kimuzi will be hosting a parallel X Space for Gen Z].

Two. I’ve never read a book on the art of warfare by a certain Chinese author but I’m certain if the book is worth all the hype then there’s a chapter on subterfuge which again talks about infiltrating the ranks of the enemy. The government has compromised certain key figures in the Gen Z movement who are now using their accounts and influence on X to sell fear and confusion among their ranks. They have even succeeded in buying support from mainstream media but that is nothing new.

Three. After the initial shakeup President Ruto is now appearing bolder, calling cabinet meetings, hosting Twitter spaces during programmed days for protests and appointing his daughter to some military related office. He is actually wiping his nose at the demonstrators and obliquely saying…mtadoo? (which in Swahili slang stands for what are you going to do about it?).

Well, let me tell you something only someone with the blood of my ancestors can say and go ahead and sleep in his house without being harassed by anyone. It’s going to be loud and messy.

The State may subdue the Gen Z protestors by infiltrating their ranks and spreading confusion on the internet but since the protesters are human, they’ll regroup and now coalesce around a figurehead (and am not saying Matian’gi). With a human leader enjoying the ominous muscle they’ve flexed on the internet the youth are far from done with this revolution. Mark my words.

Let’s get back home to sweeter things and answer the question why have Siaya MCAs decided to go for a retreat to Mombasa in the middle of a revolution (and enjoy the multiple sins of fornication) as a section of social media claims?

“Lawrence, there’s no single coin of Mwananchi involved in this retreat. We are here at the invitation of LAPSET and that noise I hear back home is spread by your malicious friend M and his master CO . Any achievement of Governor Orengo tastes like bitter poison to those two,”— that is what an MCA told DalanewsKe yesterday afternoon.

He also said to pass greetings to all our readers including yourself and tell you that although the period is too short to learn Kiswahili cha pwani he must learn chakacha and other things only coastal women can do.


Editorial Friday 5 June 2024


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