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By Sam Terriz

During the solemn occasion of General Francis Ogolla’s burial in Ngi’ya, Siaya County, President William Ruto delivered a heartfelt tribute, expressing profound pride in his collaboration with the late General and affirming his unwavering confidence in Ogolla’s capabilities.

President Ruto’s admiration for General Ogolla’s integrity and professionalism was palpable as he declared his readiness to appoint him again as Chief of the Defence Forces (CDF) if the opportunity arose. Emphasizing his belief in Ogolla’s leadership, Ruto reiterated his confidence that Kenya’s security was in capable hands under Ogolla’s stewardship.


In light of the tragic helicopter crash that claimed General Ogolla’s life, President Ruto wasted no time in initiating a thorough investigation into the incident. He directed investigative team to leave no stone unturned in uncovering the circumstances surrounding the crash, reaffirming his commitment to transparency and accountability.


Furthermore, President Ruto adamantly denounced the specter of extrajudicial killings and political assassinations, asserting that such atrocities would not be tolerated under his administration. Drawing a clear line in the sand, he assured the nation that no Kenyan would suffer the fate of being found dead in River Yala, alluding to past tragedies.

In his impassioned address, President Ruto underscored his trust and confidence in the Kenyan armed forces, affirming his commitment to upholding the highest standards of justice and security for all citizens. He reiterated his belief in meritocracy, highlighting General Ogolla’s appointment as a testament to breaking barriers of tribalism and emphasizing the importance of competence in leadership roles.

President Ruto’s speech at General Ogolla’s burial served as a poignant tribute to a respected military leader and a resolute pledge to uphold justice, transparency, and security for the Kenyan people.

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