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By Eric Omwombo 

Siaya Governor James Orengo has appealed to President William Ruto to develop Gombe Airstrip in honour of the late Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Omondi Ogolla.

Orengo asked President Ruto to honor Ogolla by developing the Gombe air strip that has been dormant to help open up Siaya town for business.


The county boss said Ogolla was down-to-earth man who used his position to influence lives.


His actions had touched many lives including widows.

Orengo while speaking during the burial of the Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla appealed to the president to appoint into leadership the many brains in Luo Community.

“When you retire and think of doing public appointments kindly consider somebody from this community in whichever posts,” said Orengo, adding “The constitution does not allow you to vouch for somebody to be in government. We want a government based on the constitution so that the positions be open and up for grabs just the way it happened to Ogolla.”

Orengo said that the ethnicity that has thrived in the previous regimes and been the order of the day must not be embraced during Ruto’s era.

“Let positions benefit all Kenyans on merit,” said Orengo.

Earlier, Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Onunga Atandi had appealed to President Ruto to make use of brains from the Luo community.

“We want to ask you your excellency, the way you broke record and appointed Ogolla so shall you use your powers to confirm those with similar qualifications for key positions.”

To confirm the leaders requests, President Ruto affirmed his commitment towards appointing Kenyans based on merit irrespective of tribe or political inclination.

Ruto vowed to ensure ethnicity does not form part of qualifications to those eying key posts in this country.

“As a country, for a long time ethnic bigotry, ethnic chauvinism and profiling has informed our politics and events of our country.

“I want to commit to Kenyans that we have decided and I committed that we are opening a new chapter in Kenya and every citizen will have an opportunity on account of merit to get the portfolios. There is no post reserved for groups, community or tribe , Kenya belongs to all,” said President Ruto.  

“As Ogolla is laid to rest, let’s adopt his humility and honesty that is evident in his children. You can see the influence he had on his family and Platoon,” said the Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces.

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