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There used to be a saying, once upon a time, that men seated see further than boys perched on trees. That saying is no longer valid.

Sitting back and watching closely the Gen Z doing their thing I realise now that this is a new concept which is virgin and untested in Kenya. It is a wave that no adept politician learnt to handle. It is an idea whose time has come and even if someone develops an elixir to stop it now, it’s effects will go down the annals of our history as a wind of change.

Politicians know the power of media better than anyone else, especially the unmetered social spaces. That’s why they spend a good part of their income engaging digital mercenaries and keyboard warriors. The Fourth Estate can always make or break a politician.

Yet, looking out of my window I see the start of apocalypse. I see a thousand, no, millions of digital mercenaries and keyboard warriors turned against their masters the political class. Yes, I see a revolt whose repercussions are limitless.

Do you know what they are demanding now?

“We are now asking every Senior Govt official (CSs, PSs, Heads of state Departments, Speakers of Parliament.) who sides and feels our pinch to Tender their resignations come Monday the 24th of June 2024, if not, you are part of our oppressors.”

Being a born-cynic I first doubted the youth. Having lived long enough, I had my reservations about change brought by a loose conglomeration of youngsters. 

Now am made to understand it’s not the age factor but the medium at play. The youth have harnessed the most powerful weapon of our age – the INTERNET. And they, certainly, know how to use it.

It’s now upon people like Gideon Ochanda to bow down in shame after making that vital miscalculation.

Last night at the Carnivore Restaurant in Langata area of Nairobi, popular youthful politician Ababu Namwamba was booed as I watched. I could see the wild look in his eyes as it dawned upon him that the revellers were dead serious on removing anything associated with President Dr William Samoei Ruto.

It’s now a revolt not against the Finance Bill 2024 but against a person. Chants of Ruto Must Go drowned a speech by Ababu Namwamba.

For a person who knows that Namwamba is not the closest person to President Ruto, although now and then the President may retreat at Namwamba’s Che’s Bay Resort in Port Victoria, I was shocked.

These youth have got networking.

While protesting in Thika town they came upon a phone snatcher, beat him up and before handing him over to police forced him to confess: “Mimi naitwa Antony Muchiri na ninasema Ruto must go sababu yeye ni mwizi kama Mimi!”

I’m told they took a blurry photo of a police officer who allegedly fired the bullet that killed a protestor- Rex Kanyike Masai. Within hours they had run his image in all registration databases including the government Registration of Persons Bureau as well as telcom service provider Safaricom. How they do that, don’t ask me, but within hours, they had a name, phone number and even Force Service Number.

Flip the coin and give the same assignment to the law enforcement agencies. With all the modern technology at their disposal it would probably have taken days if not weeks, to come up with the same results.

That’s why I’ve changed my opinion about this occupy movement. After Ochanda, I’m afraid now for the pastors and reverends who lined up at the Deputy President’s Karen residence every weekend before 2022 Elections for handouts.

The next stop next Monday, is to occupy churches.

This is where I say – tomitna!


Editorial Saturday 22 June, 2024

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