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Happening Right Now: Riots Break Out in Kisumu Following Killing of 3 People in Sondu


Oct 4, 2023

Happening now in Kisumu along Katito-Sondu road as protest breaks out after killing of 3 people in Sondu in the morning of today along the Kisumu-Kericho boarder.

Police officers have already been deployed and according to the information shared by Ramogi TV, the police have been forced to disperse rowdy youths who had blocked the Katito-Sondu road.

A video shared of the situation reveals that the road had been rendered impassable after it was completely blocked by stones, branches, stalls.

The police are currently removing the blockades after dispersing the youths.

The Sondu clashes has been going on repeat mode with today’s morning incident seen 3 people killed.

The clashes are majorly blamed on livestock theft along the boarder and the government has been working to ensure that the boarder clashes are ended but it seems more needs to be done to prevent this recurring unfortunate lose of life along the boarder.


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