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The public uproar against Siaya MCAs over their greed for tenders has intensified after Siaya KNUT leadership strongly weighed in on the matter.

Led by the Siaya County Executive Secretary Mr.Alex Dunga, the Teachers’ Union Leadership expressed disappointment in what he termed as an absurd tendency of the Assembly using blackmail to derail the development agenda of the county Executive. “These leaders are embarrassing us with such bad manners.” Remarked Mr. Dunga.

The leaders were speaking at Ramba Primary School, East Asembo Ward, during the burial ceremony of the late Tabitha Odhach, wife to the Rarieda Branch KNUT Secretary, Mr. Willis Odhach Achola.

Mr.Dunga issued a terse warning to the MCA’s that they are now on the electorates’ full-time radar over their unreasonable demands for tenders.

On his part Mr. Collins Oyuu, the KNUT National Secretary General, reminded the MCAs that Governor Orengo is not their equal. “Where do political nondescript in the name of an MCA gather the audacity to issue threats to someone of Governor Orengo’s statue because of tenders?” Wondered Mr. Oyuu.

Present at the function were: Siaya Governor James Orengo, KNUT Secretary General Mr. Collins Oyuu, his Deputy Mr. Hesbon Otieno and East Asembo MCA Gordon Onguru, who is reported to have used unprintable words against the Governor during a closed door meeting held in Kisumu on Monday night.

The meeting had been called to put pressure on the Governor to yield to unreasonable demands by the MCAs to be given county tenders at the expense of the people of Siaya.

The Assembly leadership has recently been under heavy criticism over meddling into Executive functions, particularly the budget making process.

Siaya citizens have decried iron-fist management style deployed by the leadership that has seen all the Assembly committees subdued through deprivation of funds, which are then channelled to the ‘General oversight Committee’ a recreation of a similar structure in the defunct local authorities.

Equally the office of the Leader of Majority has been weakened and denied the infrastructure and resources to effectively undertake its function.

This unusual formation of the General Oversight Committee is strangely unique to Siaya with the intention to manipulate and control the Assembly.

In the others County Assemblies across the Country, Committees are empowered and engage with the executive departments with cordiality.

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