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A female Kenya Defence Forces Officer experienced an awkward slip and took a fall during the visit of King Charles III to State House, Nairobi.

The female Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Officer had been assigned to the monarch’s security detail.

A video capturing the moment has surfaced, showing the KDF officer losing footing and falling to the ground.

The officer quickly regained her footing and proceeded with her duties.


The circumstances surrounding the fall remain unclear, but reports suggest that the morning in Nairobi had been wet, potentially contributing to the incident.

Below are several other times presidential security guards have been caught in high-level incidents.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta was hit by a car door after one of his bodyguards opened it wrongly while he was in South Africa.

The incident happened in 2018, and it was captured on video. In the video, President Kenyatta is seen stepping out of his car and quickly walking away on the red carpet. Suddenly, the car door opens and hits him on the back, causing him to stumble forward.

A security detail lapse caused the incident, and it could have been worse if the door had hit him on the head.

The President was not injured, and he continued with his official duties in South Africa.

A bodyguard attached to President William Ruto, then the deputy president, on May 16, 2022, sustained an unknown magnitude of injuries after he fell off a speeding in the deputy president’s motorcade.

Video footage capturing the DP’s motorcade showed the bodyguard clinging to one of the vehicles and toppling off the speeding vehicle before he got back on his feet and was assisted to board another vehicle in the motorcade.

Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza brigade were coming from Rongai heading to Ngong where they had taken their campaigns.

In 2021, a video emerged showing one of former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s close protection bodyguards frisking former National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as he attempted to approach the former Head of State.

The two were at Parliament Buildings as Kenyatta prepared to leave the National Prayer Breakfast.

Only Kenyans with a keen eye were able to catch the action as the security officer patted Muturi’s pocket.

The speaker who is third in line in the country’s power structure was seen fondling his pockets which might have triggered the frisking.

During Kenya’s 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations in 2018, a military parade commander accidentally dropped his sword as he was about to ask President Uhuru Kenyatta for permission to march the parade out of the field.

This surprised many as Kenya’s military is known for its precision during parades. However, the commander quickly picked up his sword and continued with his request to the president.

During the funeral prayers for the late Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi in 2020, elite bodyguards responsible for the personal security of Rwandan President Paul Kagame were involved in a shoving match with Kenyan presidential guards at the entrance of the VIP wing.

Kagame arrived at about 9:40 am and was welcomed by the then Deputy President William Ruto (now president).

Kagame then handed over his cell phone to one of his guards who placed it away in his jacket pocket and started following behind his president alongside other elite guards.

However, as soon as Kagame was let through by Kenyan presidential guards, members of his security detail were intercepted prompting a scuffle. Both security parties started sparring and flexing muscles inside the VIP holding area.

In the end, Kenyan Presidential guards managed to restrain Kagame’s guards and order resumed.

In 2010, two Secret Service agents accompanying the then US Vice-President Joe Biden (now president) clashed with presidential guards at State House, Nairobi, prior to a meeting with former President Mwai Kibaki.

The presidential escort officers disarmed the agents, who had attempted to enter the State House armed, contrary to standard security practice.

The agents argued that their job was to protect the US Vice-President and declined to surrender their arms, but were eventually given back their guns following consultations with top security officials.

In 2021 former President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Lucky Summer area in Nairobi to preside over the official opening of the ultra-modern Neema abattoir.

On his way back, a man ran towards the Toyota V8 Landcruiser which was carrying the head of state.

The unidentified resident stood right in the middle of the road, in front of the car President Kenyatta was in, bringing it to a screeching halt in an attempt to avoid running him over.

The presidential outriders and other members of his security team rushed to the scene to get the man out of the way as residents cheered on.

Police have said they won’t pursue any action against the man after establishing that he was only excited to see the head of state.

Though the man didn’t seem to have ill motives, the security lapse would have led to more disastrous outcomes in the event that he was armed.


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