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Spate of Robberies on the Increase among Bodaboda Riders in Siaya


Nov 5, 2023

There’s an upsurge of night robberies by people purporting to be Bodaboda riders operating from the Siaya bus terminus.

Ukwala Police Station in Siaya County. Photo: NMG

The well-coordinated gangsters strike at women and elderly people travelling alone usually after dusk.

The most notorious routes are Luanda – Siaya, Wagai – Kodiaga, Siaya – Bondo, Siaya – Ugunja, Siaya – Yala via Rabango, Siaya – Boro, Ngiya – Ndori and all feeder roads leading to highways.

Usually, the unsuspecting traveller is approached by one Bodaboda rider who detaches himself from the others at the stage. After settling on the price the rider signals to the others and one motorbike leaves the stage to scout the road ahead. Another will immediately follow once the target gets en route.

Be wary of three motorbikes travelling in a convoy. To lower your defences further one of the motorbikes in the convoy will be carrying a female (or someone dressed up in feminine regalia).

If the excuse to stop is not fuel that suddenly runs out allowing the rider to curse the Government, it will be one thing or the other which necessitates asking for help.

Be wary of motorcycles carrying more than one passenger at night. Photo: Pulse

The favourite spots for the attack are dark places, road bumps, at corners or on bridges where the speed is necessarily down.

Meanwhile travelling under cover of rain makes the pillion particularly susceptible to attacks.

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