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Twice Lucky Meru Governor Mwangaza Kawira Escapes Impeachment


Nov 9, 2023

For the second time in one year Meru Governor Mwangaza Kawira has escaped Impeachment at the Senate.

A majority of senators Thursday voted against all counts brought against her.

1. Misappropriation and misuse of County resources.
19 Yes
28 No

2. Nepotism and Related Unethical Practices
Yes 5
No 42

3. Bulling, Verification and Demeaning other Leaders
Yes 3
No 44

4. Illegal Appointments and Usurpation of Statutory Powers
Yes 20
No 26
Hon Ojienda Abstained

5. Contempt Of Court
Yes 3
No 44

6. Illegally Naming a Public Road after Her Husband

Yes 4
No 43

7. Contempt of The Assembly
Yes 10
No 37

However, Kericho Senator Aaro Cheruiyot’s wise words should serve as a stark warning.

“It’s not without reason that 52 MCAs should twice vote for your Impeachment. There must be something you are doing wrong. Now that you have gotten another lease of life, mend your ways,” said the Kericho Senator.

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