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Political heavyweight Nicholas Odero Gumbo on Friday attended the burial of Mama Eva Adero Nyagudi of Kotoo village, Gem Kathomo in West Gem Ward, Siaya County.

Mama Eva was the mother to Rera CCA Archbishop Ligawa.

After the usual political parlance Gumbo urged the electorate to focus on the performance of leaders and not the usual confrontational politics. He called for peace among followers of different political parties, especially during the upcoming grassroots Elections in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party.

Gumbo has unapologetically identified with UDA Party and is the only major threat to the Siaya branch of ODM Party. 

Eng. Gumbo is known for his ruthlessly effective campaign machinery that has, time and again, made him stand out as the most liked politician in Siaya County.

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