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Four candidates from Kisumu boys schools who were going on with KCSE exams were found beside the toilets smoking the bhang before they joined the KCSE papers that were to commence at 8 a.m. The incident happened on Monday. They were arrested by the officers who were handling the exams.

According to the boys, they claim they were refreshing their minds to pass the exams. But it was unfortunate that they were found red-handed smoking. The four left the entire school in shock since it was the hour when many students should be busy preparing for the exams while to them they were busy doing their own thing. The officers later unarrested them until exams ended, at which point they would be taken into custody for violating the law of the government. The principal of the school had no words to say but to urge peace and obedience in the entire school.

He also promised to show respect to the officers, and whatever they found should be acted upon as per the law. The four students will be required to go with their parents just after finishing their exams. It’s very unfortunate that many parents are struggling to give their children the best,but some children are inflicting their parents with pain. It is high time for many students, both at school taking exams and those at home, to obey and know what is best for their parents. Especially during this long holiday.

Editor’s note: Reprinted as posted


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