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Open Defecation-free Siaya County Celebrates World Toilet Day at Wich Lum Beach


Nov 20, 2023
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With Victor Ochieng 

Siaya County was declared open defecation-free in 2018, and since then, the county has made significant strides in ensuring that 92% of households have toilets. These were the words of the County Director for Public Health, Dr. Kennedy Oruenjo, at Wich Lum beach where the county marked World Toilet Day themed “Accelerate change by doing whatever you should do”

The area MCA Hon Eunice Ndolo echoed Dr. Oruenjo’s words, urging the county to achieve 100% coverage within four years. She emphasized the need to have a toilet within a compound as it helps reduce the spread of diseases.

To improve sanitation, the department has embarked on sustainability measures through the Market-Based Sanitation (MBS) initiative, which ensures that residents have “Choo Bora” (good toilets) instead of “Bora Choo” (just toilet).

During the third annual Kenya Sanitation Week, Siaya joined Kenyans in observing the theme “Building Momentum on Rural Sanitation,” where rural communities are expected to maintain high standards of hygiene within their areas of residence.

Various stakeholders have lauded the county’s efforts to improve sanitation, with the MBS initiative playing a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable solutions for the community. By emphasizing the concept of “Choo bora” instead of “Bora Choo,” the county has shown a commitment to long-term, effective sanitation practices.

It is clear that achieving 100% household toilet coverage within the next four years is not only a goal but a necessity for the well-being of Siaya County’s residents. The recent observance of the third annual Kenya Sanitation Week further underscores the commitment to maintaining high standards of hygiene, particularly in rural communities.

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