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In a shocking revelation, former police spy James Khwatenge has come forward to expose a dark chapter in Kenya’s recent history—the extra-judicial killings and forced disappearances that occurred during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration. Khwatenge shed light on the disturbing incidents, including the discovery of bodies in River Yala and the mysterious disappearances of individuals who opposed the government.

According to Khwatenge, the bodies found in River Yala were individuals labeled as criminals, deemed difficult to prosecute due to a lack of evidence or the complexity of the cases. He claimed that the decision to eliminate these alleged criminals was made to circumvent legal challenges, resulting in their bodies being disposed of in the river.

The former police spy further delved into a specific case involving the forced disappearance of Ruto’s foreign IT experts, individuals of Indian origin. Khwatenge suggested that the government’s motive behind their disappearance was twofold: to prevent Ruto’s influence and oversight of elections by using the expertise of these IT professionals and to create disarray within Ruto’s political camp, as the government was allegedly opposed to his succession.

The Indian experts, intended to monitor election activities due to their extensive experience in IT, went missing and remain unaccounted for to this day. Khwatenge’s revelations paint a disturbing picture of a government willing to resort to extreme measures to eliminate perceived threats and maintain control over political dynamics.


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