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Yesterday Siaya County College and University Students’ Association (SICOCUSA) through the Ugunja sub-County Representative Wyclife Wendo partnering with Miss Ugunja conducted  a mentorship program that invariably ended up in a sanitary pad distribution exercise.

The other day we heard of a similar exercise somewhere else in Siaya County and even though out of modesty we would like to gloss over such news, female sanitary health is a topic we cannot avoid.

Unlike diarrhea that may come once in a while, female menses are programmed to occur every month. How then does a government that cares for the welfare of it’s people fail to capture free access to sanitary towels as a part of its health policy.


Through the assistance of the US government the Ministry of Health has run a fairly successful free condom distribution program. We all know that the free condoms in health facilities were intended to curb the spread of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) although it also succeeded in increasing promiscuity.


The fact that each day we must hear of a pads drive somewhere in Siaya County means we are not adequately combating poverty. Empowered society does not discuss elementary things like hygiene.

Something needs to be done to wake up our leadership to the fact that if, for some reason, a healthy woman missed her menses this month, certainly she’ll have them next month without fail.

Let’s factor these in our budget and stop pretending that there’s anything shameful for a woman to have her periods. The shame is when the international community hears that civil society has to come together to scrounge a few pads and distribute to a few girls while the government is watching.

Margaret Kenyatta adopted the Beyond Zero campaign that aims at eradicating preventable cancers among women. Lucy Kibaki had her own thing.

Surely, we don’t have to wait to treat fistula and vaginal infections when a dozen pads go for the price of a beer.

Surely someone in position could adopt the universal pad distribution program, if the county government is ashamed to tackle the subject of female hygiene.

Again I come in peace.

Good Morning First Lady, Mama Betty Kaari Murungi.


Editorial Saturday 13 April 2024

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