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Yesterday I was privileged to pass by the Siaya County Assembly and found the County Finance, Budget and Appropriation Committee deep in deliberations concerning the appropriation of funds by the County Government of Siaya.

This Committee is equivalent to the Parliamentary Public Accounts (PAC) and Public Investment (PIC) committees. A very important Committee.

Judging by the solemnity of how they were conducting business it was all very impressive, extremely professional and highly confidence engendering. Our resources are certainly in good hands.

As I was leaving the assembly, however, I bumped into an MCA from a flood-prone area and being the spoilsport I always am, I requested for a few comments on the flooding issue.


His standard reply that flooding is a national calamity was expected so I had my rejoinder ready.

“As a Ward Representative one of your duties is to extend professional knowledge, experience or specialised knowledge to any issue for discussion in the County Assembly. What have you done so far specifically about flood mitigation in your Ward?”

I will not write here the incoherent response I received, suffice it to say that most of our MCAs don’t realize that as the elected leader closest to the people, they have a duty to represent specific information on calamities to the Assembly for discussion.

This role of MCAs has been under constant scrutiny. They face constant criticism for lacking professional knowledge and experience on how to handle crises.

We all know that the Executive has a special committee for disaster preparedness and mitigation, but how often do we see the effects of this committee on the ground?

Before the government steps in to rescue residents of flood-prone areas of Yimbo, Asembo, West Alego, Sakwa and Usonga, we need representatives who are capable of mapping individual strategy to face the flooding menace. After all we elect the best among us to represent our specific needs.

If your MCA has no idea that sections of the Ward are submerged not because of perennial rains but as a result of errant weather patterns due to climate change then, as the slang saying goes; you are in deep sh*t. And that’s what I realised I was in, when I bid my MCA goodbye and walked into the drizzle of a wintry Siaya evening yesterday.

Don’t waste time – ask your MCA what they know about climate change and other pertinent topics – you may be the salvation your village or Ward needs.

And by the way, as I left town I passed through the old bus park and saw ongoing works that prove the seriousness of James Aggrey Bob Orengo and his Nyalore admininistration.

Here we say: tiyo to iludho-aludha!


Editorial Thursday 9 April 2024

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